Bass Pond Waterfall


Image created at the Biltmore Estate from the Bass Pond Waterfall.  Quick little walk from the Conservatory through the Azalea Garden will lead you down to the Bass Pond.  One of the quieter and less crowded areas on the Estate if you're trying to escape the people running into the house.

Bass Pond Waterfall2019-03-01T22:32:43+00:00

Meadow Trail at Biltmore


Images taken on the Meadow Trail at Biltmore.  The first back towards the house, the second of the bridge over the Bass Pond.  Hadn't spent much time on this section of the property, hopefully heading back this weekend if the weather and work cooperate.

Meadow Trail at Biltmore2020-01-02T15:23:00+00:00

Oaks along the Meadow Trail


Just a simple shot of a group of Oaks on the Biltmore Estate.  Walking up along the meadow trail from the Bass Pond.  I'm still not sure if I like this or not, torn between enjoying the intertwining nature and then overwhelmed with it being too busy.  Will probably try it again when the leaves soften the landscape.

Oaks along the Meadow Trail2019-12-30T23:56:53+00:00

Biltmore Conservatory


Construction on the Biltmore Conservatory was completed in 1895. The beautiful building hosts exotic plants and is a great spot to work with a macro lens.  Took a little while to wait for the crowd to clear but I like the exterior black and white architecture.

Biltmore Conservatory2019-11-12T16:08:44+00:00

Cactus Flower Macro


Noticed this flowering cactus in the Biltmore Conservatory.  I don't typically shot macro images but want to spend more time on the details.  Even though I like the composition on the shot, I'm not impressed with the focus.

Cactus Flower Macro2019-11-12T15:55:19+00:00
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