Library Woodwork


So many details to choose from inside the home, but the wood work in the library caught my attention.  I was trying to break the composition up into 4ths with variations of the wood work and books in the library.

Library Woodwork2020-06-05T00:08:51+00:00

Italian Garden View


Work being completed on the Italian Garden Koi Pond in late February, 2020.  Clear day so you can see the mountains in the background.  The path and direction of the garden from this vantage point provides a leading line for viewers to take them into the photo.  Will try to go back when work is complete and photograph this scene again.

Italian Garden View2020-06-05T00:09:08+00:00

South Terrace Statue


Statue of Adonis on the South Terrace at the Biltmore Estate.  "Rough" vertical rule of thirds composition as the eye goes back and forth from the statue to the structure.  Nice to enjoy a day without a ton of people on the property.

South Terrace Statue2020-06-05T00:09:17+00:00

Ducks on the Bass Pond


I never enjoyed shooting landscapes in winter because of the "bare" appearance.  If you look for the "texture" instead of the color there are still plenty of quality images to take.  Large flock of ducks landed and went across the water to balance the tree branches in the composition.

Ducks on the Bass Pond2020-06-05T00:10:22+00:00
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