Biltmore Cattle Field


I drove by this spot a few weeks ago and missed an opportunity to photograph a large herd of cattle in the field.  It was beautiful and I keep waiting and looking for them to wander back to create that idyllic image.  While I was waiting, this sky shot opened up.

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Dairy Road at Biltmore


I believe this is considered Dairy Road at Biltmore, but the names are a little confusing because its a continuation of the Winery Approach Road and then turns into Winery Road at Antler Village.  All along the lagoon trail.  The little bridge/culvert caught my attention as the water runs into the French Broad.  Sheep Pasture in the background along Deer Park Road.

Dairy Road at Biltmore2019-04-06T14:10:40+00:00

Biltmore Sheep Pasture


Sheep pasture on the Biltmore Estate, these happy creatures have been wearing out this trail from the barn over the years.  The typical herd size at Biltmore is 150 South African White Dorper Sheep as a small portion are culled each year as part of the field to table program.

Biltmore Sheep Pasture2019-04-06T13:57:49+00:00
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