I’m building this photography space to create collections of new work and to organize older images.  The hope is to produce photos that tell a compelling visual story.  The goal is to share a new image everyday.

Realtor® serving Western North Carolina, photography is another passion.  Grew up in Hendersonville, living in Asheville, traveling around a lot for work.  I’m taking time to share daily experiences, seeking education on local history and cataloging images from a lifelong passion.

To begin I’ve chosen a 365 posting goal for my project.  Simple enough, add one photo everyday.  At some point I’d like to take on a daily shoot and share format but will finish cataloging older images and building out collections before shifting focus.

The daily posting goal is enough to focus my photography efforts.  It keeps me looking for new subjects and gives me an excuse to go back to locations I enjoy.  I try to shoot twice a week as long as the weather and work cooperate.

Where do I take pictures?  Everywhere.  Lucky to be able to explore our beautiful mountains and communities in Western North Carolina.  If I’m traveling for fun I typically have a camera in my hand.

I fell in love with photography during my first black & white class at the age of 15.  The dream of exploring the world and sharing experiences through images excited me.  Happy to say 25(+) years later, it still does.


Daily posts are organized by category and archived by month.  You can either go through the timeline or view collections as I continue to add images.  Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions you can comment on the posts or contact me here!