I’m building this photography space to create collections of new work and to organize older images.  The hope is to produce photos that tell a compelling visual story.  The goal is to share a new image everyday.

365 Project

What I’ve learned? Process, time spent? Life long 365 project goal? Finish Text- Brief


I fell in love with photography during my first black & white class at the age of 15.  The dream of exploring the world and sharing experiences through images excited me.  Happy to say 25 years later, it still does.  This site is designed to challenge myself with a 365 project, a space to organize collections and to connect with others that share the same passion.

Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson


I grew up in Hendersonville, NC and graduated from HHS.  Moved to South Carolina and graduated from the College of Charleston.  Had been working in photo labs during school but after college attended a summer intensive program at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  Spent 6 months traveling around the U.S. through 10 different National Parks to see the country.  Moved back to Charleston and began working as a photographer.

The Mountains kept calling, I finally paid attention.  Moved back to Hendersonville to create a photography and videography company.  Great experience running my own business.  Maintained relationships with clients over a decade.  But my dream of wandering around in the woods taking landscape photos had been replaced with filming legal depositions and creating marketing pieces for small businesses.  A change was in order so I decided to pick up work with a childhood friend splicing fiber optic networks all over the country.

Met a great woman and decided traveling for work wasn’t the best case scenario.  Decided to apply my marketing experience and local knowledge in real estate.  Went through the Cumbie and Trull Real Estate School and became a Realtor.  Got married and relocated to West Asheville in 2015.  My better half’s work is in Burnsville so when she heads north, I’m typically working with clients in Buncombe and Henderson Counties.  Thankful I’ve found a great career that provides the flexibility to continue lifelong interests.


I’m a Realtor® by profession and enjoy working with clients all over Western North Carolina.  Hendersonville and Asheville are the markets I focus on.  If you’ve come across this site searching for me in a professional capacity you’re welcome to contact me here, through email, social media or the real estate links provided.

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Daily posts are organized by category and archived by month.  You can either go through the timeline or view collections as I continue to add images.  Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions you can comment on the posts or contact me here!